treating thyroid cancer

treating thyroid cancer
thyroid is a gland at the front of the neck is approximately one coin and is not clear from the skin . sometimes there are small nodules and nodes that may be are dangerous .
there are no signs in the early stages but if they are advanced and malignant , it can cause symptoms such as respiratory disorders , swallowing problems , frequent coughing and swelling on the neck .
as mentioned before , the etiology of thyroid cancer is unclear , but some factors have been identified as risk factors that contribute to the development of cancer . for example , radiation exposure in people exposed to prolonged exposure to radiation exposure is at risk of infection . people with history of thyroid cancer are more prone to cancer . Studies have shown that thyroid cancer is more prevalent in women and older adults who are up 45 ages .
using C.T . scan , M.R.I , imagining with exposure to X rays do to treat cancer stage . to treatment ,in order treat cancer stage , can choose a variety of strategies in terms of progress and patient conditions .

thyroid cancer treatment

surgery : the purpose of this method is thyroidectomy or some of the tissue involved. in acute cases , if lymph nodes are also involved do thyroidectomy too.

radiation therapy : in this method , use of radioactive iodine , which is used external , or radioactive substances in a capsule called the internal way and ingested . iodine was absorbed into the cancerous tissue and then was removed by the beam .

chemotherapy : unlike other cancers that are most common in the world , medical chemistry is not very popular in the world and when it is used for other ways be not effective , or other areas of the body are involved .

in treatment of this cancer , another treatment such as thyroid hormone therapy is also used .