New Iranian technology has been unveiled to cure cancer.

New Iranian technology has been unveiled to cure cancer.
Directors of the Center for diagnosing and treating Cancer “Roshana” and the “Heris” Health Tourism Group on the side of a group of doctors and specialists in the field of cancer from the countries of Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan showed Iran's latest capability to treat cancer.
The meeting attended by the Director of International Affairs of the Ministry of Health and dozens of heads of medical sciences in different govern orates of Iraq, doctors specializing in Afghan hospitals and health tourism workers from the region's countries.
Dr. Sayed Hadi Molana, director of the Centre for diagnostic and treatment of cancer, said, " Despite the fact that American drug sanctions against our country have caused many problems for cancer patients, the Centre for diagnosis and treatment of cancer has been able to provide treatment to Iranian cancer patients in addition to providing services to the patients of neighboring countries and the region.
The center’s goal is to develop health tourism in the country on one hand and increase the quality of service to cancer patients in Iran and the world, he added. Since the treatment of cancer in Iran is equal to European countries, in addition to the fact that it is useful for Iranians, it can be an opportunity for patients in the region for better and more favorable treatment.
dr maulana referring to the new cancer treatment technology at the center of Roshana and said: this new method of therapy is called painting dose or point dose, and according to it, certain areas of the selected cancer tissue and the dose of radiation therapy are increased at these points, without damaging any other tissues
According to the expert, this is unique in the Middle East and there are only about 10 European countries.
The new approach is now being used to treat patients with prostate cancer, cancers in women “s areas and cervical cancer.
in response to the center’s readiness to treat Arab, afghan and Turkish patients, the director general for the treatment and treatment center said that Iran has offered extensive medical services to the people of neighboring countries in recent years, and we as Iranian specialist doctors have made them friends and their brother and ready to provide them with their expertise in Iran.
He noted, “unfortunately , there is too much health tourism in the field of tourism , and dealers take patients where they get more money , not because it’s in favor of the patient .
Regarding the cost of cancer treatment in Iran, dr maulana stated that the cost of treatment for countries in the region is far less than the rest of the world. According to the calculations, the patients can treat their cancer at the expense of 20 - 50 percent cheaper than Pakistan and India and turkey.
In particular, he promised prostate cancer patients in the world and the region that the quality of treatment of this cancer in Iran is very unique and can have an accurate and thorough treatment.
The Roshana Centre is equipped with two "Varian" devices, one of the best trained machines in the world, Dr. Hamid Reza Dehghan Manshadi, board member of the Roshana Centre, said at the meeting, pointing to the technical equipment available in the center of Roshana.
These machines enable us to provide the best treatment for Iranian and non - Iranian patients, he added. our aim is that patients around Iran can also use this technology and our capability in iran, with this machine, it can best be done to treat cancer patients.
He said: we took the licenses and entered Iran before the emergence of Trump, and after that, although it was very hard, we were able to get software and software updates.
According to doctors and technicians, Iranian doctors and technicians learned the procedures and use of the machine in Switzerland.
He pointed out that even the Roshana Centre is seeking an understanding with some European countries to treat cancer patients in those countries without insurance with a third of the cost of treatment in these countries.
Dr,Meghdad Mahmoodi, director of the health tourism group ”Heris”, said at the meeting that the ease of treatment for patients is one of the most important parts in the treatment of disease: what the Iranian and the patients in the region should enjoy full comfort and security during their treatment and Heris's collection in this regard has tried to accelerate treatment by cutting middlemen and brokers from the treatment process for patients in various fields, especially cancer.
He added that the technology available at the Roshana treatment center enjoys the highest level of quality and Iranian patients enjoy these facilities and we have tried to provide them with other countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Gulf countries.
Dr Mahmoodi notes that treatment costs in Iran are very cheap to regional patients, and Harris is trying to provide them directly in addition to providing them with friendly and authentic Iranian culture and hospitality to them to leave neighboring countries with good health and memory.
The conference, which reporters covered in international and domestic media, visited various departments of the Roshana Centre, including the chemical departments of physics, physics, therapeutic radiation departments, and … and participated in a brief scientific meeting with the new method of treating cancer in the region, the report said.