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Roshana center of Cancer diagnosis and Treatment

The Roshana clinic is one of the first specialized medical centers of cancer in Iran.
The Roshana clinic, with the most appropriate land in second square of Sadeghiyeh area, Parviz avenue in front of the entrance to the class parking lot, building number 15, 348 square meters; building and setting up a specialist and supra specialist clinic that called Roshana Institute. The clinic on eleven th floor includes all of the technical and supra technical departments associated with the treatment of patients, including: radiotherapy and oncology, physics, imaging, laboratory, chemotherapy, specialized clinics and pharmacy.

Using the scientific potential of more than 10 professionals and professors in oncology major with high resume , the clinic is trying to improve the scientific potential of Roshana center. It is noted that invited to cooperate with dear professors and students to undertake research projects and, in the end, all the better to advance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in our country is our wish.

The Roshana Cancer Clinic has welcomed your arrival to the Roshana colleagues group and is hoping for the center to turn to one of the largest treatment centers of patients infected with your expertise throughout the country, and we hope we may be able to reduce the pain of the patients from the center.

* Phone: 021 / 44204726

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WhatsApp :09193193646

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